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Quadcopter Drone

​MEW4-1 is brand new drone that integrates the drone industry's advanced technology, engineering & the aerial photographer's needs. It features a sleek design, ultra-portable body unique 180 degree tilt gimbal and 2K 2048x1152 images resolution. The embedded Artificial Intelligence makes this drone with high-end functionalities of GPS, Follow Me, Auto Return, Customised Flight Path and simple control.


  • 5G WIFI frequency live video transmission up to 800m

  • Optical/Ultrasonic flow control for indoor flight positioning

  • Ultra long flight time up to 20 mins

  • Brushless motors for longer and quieter flight

  • Smartphone connectivity (ios / android)

  • Micro SD card slot (class 10) for onboard video and photo recording

  • Landing led lights

  • Li-poly battery 7.6V 2050 mA

  • Dual GPS system for better accuracy (with smartphone connected)

  • Circle me mode - have the drone automatically circle a target

  • GPS follow me - drone detects your phone's GPS signal and automatically follows the phone

  • Flight path planning - plot waypoints on your phone for the drone to follow from waypoint to waypoint

  • GPS position hold

  • One key take off / landing

  • Remote controlled camera rotation (±90 degree angle)

  • 120 degree FOV wide angle camera lens

MJX MEW4-1: Our Products
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